3 Steps to Avoid Stress When Selling Your Home

stress photoEveryone knows the real estate mantra when buying the right property … Location, Location, Location.  But what’s the mantra when you are selling your home.  I would have to say it goes like this … Be Ready, Be Ready, Be Ready.

Our process for preparing our sellers is not that different than most brokers.  However, how we help you manage each step in that process so you will BE READY is the key difference that will help your home sale not only be successful, but far less stressful.  Let’s all raise a glass to that.

Let’s look at each step in the BE READY process so you can alleviate the stress surrounding a home sale:

BE READY To Know Your Home’s Value In Your Market

Getting a bank certified appraisal of your home will not only help you understand the true fair market of your home according to the lender’s view of the property and the current market conditions around your property, but it will also help you understand if your presenting broker is blowing smoke at you with an inflated value range of your home so you are tempted to list with them.  Yes, we’ve seen these lovely wide ranges of values broker’s present to excite you over what you can get for your home.  The temptation will always be list high, sell high.  Our philosophy … Be Real and Be Ready.

The stress comes when your house has been sitting on the market for days/months and the lovely broker that said your house was worth it is now stressing as well and keeps telling you to go lower, lower … and then more time passes and more pending sales in your neighborhood pop up around you.

Having an appraisal in hand going into your sale will bring you peace that you listed correctly.  Not only that, it will give you tremendous negotiating power when a buyer comes at you with a low ball offer.  BE READY to deal with your broker, your buyer and your stress by knowing what your true value is.

BE READY To Know What Improvements Your Home Needs

Selling the ‘wow’ factors in your home is easy and usually apparent to the buyer.  What sneaks up on you as a seller is the buyer’s home inspector telling you what you may or may not already know about repairs needed in your home.  This can cause stress during the contract phase of the sale and cause time crunch issues as you rush to get things fixed when you should be getting ready to move.

BE READY and avoid that stress by fully understanding and getting the needed repairs done ahead of listing your home.  At best, we recommend getting a certified home inspector to give you advice on needed repairs so you can focus on the ‘have to’ and the ‘I will negotiate that’ list of repairs.  Obvious ‘have to’ repairs are typically functional repairs, including plumbing, electrical or obvious damage that can affect 1. the home’s value or 2. how one lives in or uses the home.  The ‘I will negotiate that’ list can range from items that are still functioning, but will be needing replaced soon, to general fixes that do not effect the value of the home nor have to get done immediately.  This can be new HVAC, roofing, exterior siding or masonry down to general asthetic issues in the home.


BE READY To Show Your Home

One of the biggest stress moments hit when it’s time to show the home.  We recommend you BE READY with two plans: 1. Pre-Listing Show Plan and 2. Active Listing Show Plan.


  • Declutter      and organize.  Take time to make your      home look bigger, brighter, and clean by simply getting rid of stuff.       We partner with each of sellers to walk the home room by room and      help you create a visual impact with what you have and what you don’t      need.  Creating a plan to help store your stuff can also be a part of      this.
  • Simple,      but impactful design improvements.   Taking      time to make simple design changes by moving furniture, decorative      accessories, changing wall color or adding window treatments in your home      can improve what your buyer perceives in value and help your home sell      quickly.  We offer these professional staging and design      consultations for every listing we service.
  • Empower      outside services in times of stress.  Simply      put, don’t be afraid to get the house cleaner or the yard man you’ve      always wanted (if you don’t already have one) to help you get the house      ready.   You may just want to hire a deep clean or overall yard/tree      cleanup crew so you can focus on the big stuff needing done.


  • Create      a daily ‘morning clean up’ plan.  There is nothing      more stressful than getting the call while you are at work or off running      errands for the day that a buyer wants to see your house in the next few      hours.  Take 20min to get up a little earlier each morning and do a      review of each room so you are confident when you leave that things are in      place.  This may not mean vacuuming every room every day, but maybe      the most obvious traffic areas where the largest ‘wow’ factors exists may      need this.
  • Keep      your outside services in times of stress.  Like      we said in the Pre-Listing Show Plan, hiring a house cleaner or yard man      to help you maintain and keep you less stressed during your home selling      season on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis is never a bad idea.
  • Get      feedback from each showing.  We pursue feedback      on your home showings and present this to you as soon as we have it so      together we can feel confident in buyer’s perspective of what works within      the home or what may need some tweaking.  Having this honest feedback will actually help you feel better prepared with each showing.

I hope this helps you think about the value of creating a BE READY plan to help you alleviate home selling stress.  When you’re READY, contact us…we’re here to help

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