we listen first…

and listen again, and although that sounds simple, most agents let their own goals get in the way of putting their client’s goals in front. When selling or buying a home, there are a lot of natural stress factors and potential missteps that can happen along the way. You don’t need that, and our goal is to make sure we manage your transaction from every angle so it can go as smooth as possible.

Your home is one of the greatest financial investments you can make. Choosing the right partner to help you make the right choice is just smart. We don’t take your investment lightly. We take a holistic approach to your real estate needs by becoming your trusted real estate advisor and partner in every aspect of the selling or buying journey. Building trust means listening, understanding your needs, and having clear guidelines.

OUR HOLISTIC APPROACH – Here’s the rules.

RULE #1: Agreed communication plan. You will get the answer … fast. From our first meeting, we establish a communication plan with you. When is the best time to reach each other and what are the best avenues for communication, email or phone or text? We return phone calls and emails in a timely manner and strive to get you answers quickly. All parties should have an understanding of communication expectations so there is never a surprise along the way.

RULE #2: Establish your goals and set a plan. Upon our first meeting, we will listen, strive to understand and help you establish your goals. Whether buying or selling, there are financial goals, functional living goals, aesthetic desires, timing goals for your move, and even goals on how you wish the negotiation and closing part of the transaction to flow and be communicated to you. We have an organized project oriented style of running our transactions based on years of experience that will help you set an agreed plan and keep all parties on track.

RULE #3: On time and on point. Whether we are meeting to discuss your home or touring for new homes, we will be on time and prepared. Being on point means staying ahead of you in the research. If you told us that you need a big yard because Fido needs to run, and the home we want to see does not show adequate pictures or data of the back yard, we will call ahead or go look, get measurements and present potential downfalls based on your goals so you don’t need to waste time viewing that property.

RULE #4: Presenting all the facts. There is no reason to ever hide information. In fact, our website puts many of the insider tools in your hands with our Market Snapshot. We will help show you market conditions in the area you are selling or looking to purchase. If there are trends that favor or create risk to your investment, you will see it and we will share it. Our goal is make sure you are educated along the way.

RULE #5: Honest advise. We help you establish your goals and the game plan. The moment we see a potential risk to those goals, we will provide you honest advise and feedback so we can all be reminded if we are going in the wrong direction. If we together discover that a specific goal needs to be altered for any reason, we work on that together and reset the plan.

RULE #6: The unwavering commitment. It should not have to be said, but having a relentless, unwavering go-getter on your side is what you deserve. From market research, to communications with you and with other agents, to effective and strong negotiation tactics, to staying on top of the bank on how the loan process is coming for all parties involved, all the way to the closing and beyond, you will get our unwavering commitment to get the job done … well. Even after your closing, we will stay in touch to keep you abreast of market changes in your neighborhood so you always feel educated on what is taking place around you.