zionsville photo

Zionsville is a suburban town located in the extreme southeast area of Boone County, Indiana, United States, in Eagle Township, northwest of Indianapolis. The population was 14,127 at the 2010 census.

Zionsville promotes itself as a tourist attraction around its village-styled downtown area. This area primarily consists of Main Street, paved entirely in brick, which is lined with small stores and restaurants.

For much of its history, Zionsville has led a quiet existence, relying primarily upon its existence as a stop on passenger rail lines and later as a shopping destination or bedroom community. While white flight and other demographic changes in nearby Indianapolis greatly enlarged the city of Carmel and the town of Fishers in Hamilton County, especially since the imposition of Unigov in 1970, Zionsville had remained a much smaller locale until growth began to pick up into the mid to late 1990s.

Several blocks of Main Street in Zionsville have been intentionally groomed to give off a “village” air, specifically to attract shopping from nearby larger communities. In addition, Main Street has been paved entirely in brick and the street lamps and other features (such as a lower speed limit) are maintained to encourage visitors and residents to spend a good deal of time shopping on foot along the length of the street.

Zionsville Community School Corporation enjoys a very strong reputation. For the past half a decade Zionsville schools have been in the top 5 best schools in the state according to Indianapolis Monthly.