we won’t sell you a house, we’ll help you buy one

Finding the right home, the one that meets your living and investment needs takes a team effort.  Most buyers begin their search online, drive around neighborhoods and start to get a feel for what is available.  Having the right agent by your side in this process is critical because you are making more than just a functional purchase for you and your family, you are making a big financial and emotional purchase.  Having a partner that speaks and performs on your behalf and understands ‘all the needs’ from A-Z for your family can save you stress, time, and most of all, your investment.

Our goal is to stay out in front for you.   Once we work together to identify your goals, we not only suggest properties that match your criteria and send you alerts when they become available, we will be proactive in personally touring them ahead when needed and scouring homes that you may not even know exist for purchase.  Our web system streamlines the home-buying process for you and also allows you to create your own cross market research to see which neighborhoods and homes are selling well.  Use our Market Snapshot here on the right column and get the ‘insider’ peek in your area!

Below is our step-by-step process.   We outline what we provide along the way and what a partnership with Indypendent Realty Group looks like during the home buying process.   We strive to be your trusted advisor in this process from our first meeting and all the way through to closing.  You will discover our relationship continues even after closing because we value helping you understand how the market continues to perform in your neighborhood and how we can help assist your friends and extended family as well.

Understand Your NeedsWhat Can I Afford?Finding the Right HomeNegotiating the DealThe Closing
Understand Your Needs. Create the Plan.
It all starts with establishing your needs and creating a plan for the property you want to buy.
Of course, we’ll explore the standard stuff  – style, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, basement.
However, that’s just the beginning. We’ll move on to explore lifestyle and quality of life issues: commute times and school districts and amenities and recreation and walk scores and long-term plans and so much more.
The goal is to end up with a clear understanding of both the features you want in a new home and the way this new property will fit into your life.
Getting Pre-Approved For The Right Financing
Getting your financing in place before you look for a home will save time and help ensure a smoother transaction. Meet with a mortgage broker to ask questions about the loan process and arrive at a comfortable price range. There are two levels of endorsement during this process – pre-qualification and pre-approval. Pre-qualification means you are potentially qualified for a stated loan amount, assuming full and accurate disclosure, while pre-approval is more appealing to a seller. To get pre-approved, you must provide your mortgage broker with information for a detailed background and financial check (including tax returns, credit check & income history). You’ll then get a letter from the lender stating the amount of your loan. This commitment is usually valid for about 60 days
Equally important to us is helping you get pre-approved for the best financing for your particular needs and situation – the loan that is the right fit for you. Fixed rate or adjustable mortgage? 30-year loan or 15-year loan? FHA? VA? Conventional? Jumbo? Lenders can show you ALL your loan options. Whether you want to minimize your cash out-of-pocket or keep your monthly payment to a minimum, they can explore and explain the multiple options available to you.
Don’t just get pre-approved. Get educated about your options and get pre-approved for the right financing program. If you don’t have a lender, we can help with that!
Finding the Right Home
We dive in to keep you ahead of what is available in the market and the conditions that affect the value of the home’s you are considering.  You can use our website to create your own personal home search, save your goals and set alerts when there are matches to your saved searches.  We also stay in front in other ways:

  • preview homes in your behalf, if necessary
  • keep you informed of new homes on the market as they become available
  •  provide you with information to help with our negotiations such as what other homes have sold for in the area
  •  provide you with the necessary tools and websites to help you with your search whether at home or on the go
  •  work with you diligently until we find just what you’re looking for

Ultimately, this collaborative process will result in us finding the property that will be the right choice for you.

 Negotiating the Deal
Once we find the right property that meets your needs, we become your advocate in the contract negotiations.
Good negotiation begins with information. Information is power. We will dig out information that will help you negotiate a better deal:
How long has the house been on the market?
Has the seller made price reductions?
Has the seller tried to sell previously but unsuccessfully?
What did the seller pay for the property?
How much does the seller owe on the property?
Much more
These insights and others will help in our efforts to get you the best price and terms possible.
(*Assuming the normal situation where we are representing you as a buyer’s agent.)
Your Partner From Contract To Closing
So we’ve sealed the deal!! However, there is still much to do before closing.
Most purchase agreements have five to six contingencies. These contingencies give you time to investigate the property and make sure it is a wise purchase. You can cancel the contract without penalty if things do not check out or do not go as expected.
The typical contingencies allow you time to do inspections, review title and home-owner association documents, obtain insurance, receive and review an appraisal and get your loan fully approved. There may be a contingency for closing on a current property you own.
All of the investigations must be completed within certain time limits specified in the purchase agreement. Failing to get tasks done in a timely manner can cause you to lose rights under the contract.
We have invested in technology that provides state of the art ‘transaction management.’  Getting you to closing as smooth as possible takes organizational skills and commitment to stay on top of any risks that can get in the way of closing day.  Our system, together with our personal experience in driving results and communication from all parties involved, will keep everyone on task to get the job done … well.

We invite you to  for more information, or to setup a “Buyer’s Consultation” appointment in person.  Contact us today!