our marketing plan is comprised of today’s state of the art technology

Many real estate companies try to out bid each other on marketing. They tout their 89-point marketing plan or 117-point marketing plan or 2,533-point marketing plan.

Our marketing plan is different. Simple. Elegant. We’ve built it around the latest research on how buyers find houses. It turns out that 97% of buyers find the house they buy in just one of four ways. So all our marketing efforts are directed to maximizing the exposure of your home in these four information channels.

We will outline these marketing methods when we meet to discuss the sale of your home. By the way, Method No. 4 will surprise you. You will also be surprised by some traditional marketing methods that don’t make the list of effective home marketing. Let’s talk.

Marketing Matters….whether online or offline

In real estate, a picture is worth much more than “a thousand words.” Professional photography, expertly-crafted printed materials and new technologies lead to more exposure and increased interest for your home – meaning less time on the market and more money to you. Your home deserves the best marketing efforts possible!  Online or offline, we’ve got your marketing covered!